It’s GO time!



It’s time!!! 

You’ve had your Dexa scan and/or weighed and measured yourself. Here are a few other things to do to begin the challenge.

  • Sign up on the WOD schedule Monday 10/14 in the “12P Dexa/Nutri Challenge.”  Pay the $60 entry fee here. If you are in Boot Camp, bring a check to the dropbox in the gym with “Nutrition Challenge” in the memo.
  • Don’t forget to take a before photo
  • Stock your kitchen, see the latest post from Zone Appetit for a great list of what you need (might add food scale to the list). This blog will be an excellent resource for the next 6 weeks and beyond!
  • Read the information and watch the videos on our Nutrition Page
  • If this is your first CF 7220 Nutrition Challenge or you need a refresher on the Zone Diet, please attend the “Intro to the Zone” meeting Monday 10/14 at 6:45 pm at UW Corbett  Building room 137.
  • This week Tuesday and Wednesday’s WODs (in the gym) and Out of the Box WODs  will be programmed again at the end of the challenge so you can see the progress made after 6 weeks of improved nutrition. It is not mandatory that you participate in these WOD’s as they will not be part of the scoring, but we encourage you to do at least one of these 4 WOD’s so effects of diet on performance can be monitored. If you are in Boot Camp, try to do either Tuesday or Wednesday’s Out of the Box WOD.
  • Finally, make sure you follow the Zone 7220 facebook page to get answers to questions and support from fellow athletes and trainers.howwhy
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