Are you READY?


 October 15th to November 20th

We encourage everyone to participate in this 6 week challenge and promise it will change you for the better!

  • Entry fee: $60.00 (this fee helps cover costs for pre and post DEXA scans at UW Kinesiology Lab, prizes for winners, and our post-challenge party)
  • If you participate in the challenge but do not to choose to get the DEXA scan, you will not need to pay the entry fee (but will not be eligible for prizes)
  • Winners will be determined based on pre and post DEXA scan results and circumference measurements. Winners will be announced at our box-wide Christmas Party (date TBA) where all athletes will be invited (not just challenge participants).

To participate in the challenge:

1. Read the information attached in an email coming to your inbox soon. If you do not receive the email by Monday 10/7, contact Nicole at

2. Click here to schedule your DEXA scan

3. Print the last 3 documents in the email attachment: “Body Composition Results” sheet and BOTH sheets of the informed consent.

4. Sign the informed consent and bring all 3 of the above documents to your DEXA scan appointment at the Kinesiology Lab on the 2nd floor of the UW Corbett Building. Click here to find Corbett (near War Memorial Stadium) on a UW map.

5. Instructions for submitting payment for the challenge will be posted soon.

6. Pre and Post WOD’s will be programmed near the beginning and end of the challenge on a weekday.

7. Do your “homework.”  Read our Nutrition page under “Foundations For Improvement” tab on our home page.

We will hold an informational kick-off meeting

Monday, October 14th at 6:45 pm at UW Corbett Building room 137 

**Be sure to read the CrossFit7220 daily web posts as there will be much more information to come prior to and during the challenge.

-CF 7220 Trainers and Nutrition Challenge Committee



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