Please read if attending the VeeBar!

**If you attend another WOD Wednesday and the scheduler won’t let you sign-up for VeeBar, you can still attend! Everyone is invited to attend the VeeBar WOD  even if you are not staying for dinner.
It will begin at approximately 5:30. You can sign up on the schedule. 
If you are planning to come to dinner and are not on this list (or vice versa), please email Nicole at
Jack Tennant
Jenna Tennant
Dana Zamprelli
Tyler Brickell
Katie Kern
Rachel Sisneros
Judi Hulme
Randy Hulme
Amanda VanPelt
McKenzie Walter
Treasure McPherson
Greg Kilmer
Janelle Kilmer
Nicole Lamartine
Jeff Selden
Pepper Jo Six
Randal Six
Josie Pettipiece
Carly Sowecke
Tim Sowecke
Tim Brownell
Patrick LaCount
Chris Jensen
Mike Dorssom
Evan Levi
Linsey Callen
McKenzi Meade
Jill Green
Jade Green
Andrew Chapin
Brenna Rush
Caleb Goodspeed
Tracy Goodspeed
Marty McKinney
Matt Lehning
**If you are not attending VeeBar and signed up for the 4:30 or 5:30 WOD at the gym, please check the schedule as they will both be at EAST only. There have been changes made so you may need to sign up again. 
The WOD will be followed by a social/cocktail hour and then dinner at 7:00 pm. Dinner is buffet style and the cost is $22.95 per person + 17% gratuity + any drinks you order during the social hour. Please pay (cash, check, or credit card) before leaving after dinner. There are still a few spots available. If you would like to sign up for the dinner, email Nicole at
Wear your gold Cowboy CrossFit T-shirt if you have one! If you do not, but would like one you can purchase one at the East gym for $21.00. We just got a new batch in with more sizes.
Real Cowboys CrossFit
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